Hey there!

The purpose of this article is document the steps necessary for me to write a referral for a job opportunity at Amazon. If you're not following all steps, then I will ignore your request. I don't have the time to run after anyone.

Step 1

Go to https://www.amazon.jobs/ and find up to 3 positions, where you're satisfying all minimum requirements. I can't refer you if you're not.

Hand me the 3 job IDs and the following information together with a CV.pdf. I do not have the time to review your CV for feedback.

Please send the information like so:
First Name: ABC
Address line 1: FOO
Address line 2: BAR

I do not have the time to figure out what part of your information belongs where. If the information is incomplete, or inaccurate, then I'm just going to ignore your request.

Step 2

Once I have added you into the system, a recruiter will review the application and you should receive a confirmation Email. If you're not receiving this confirmation Email, that means you either already applied at some point on your own, or a recruiter has dismissed your application.

I have no further insights into the process, and there's nothing I can do, from this moment on. Please don't ask me for an update, as I don't have an update.


What do I need to prepare for the interview?
The recruiter will forward preparation material. I'd recommend you'd read at least my How I got into FAANG article.