Revision 2 - February 21, 2021.

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for my blog. As of right now I'm serving 2k monthly readers and your contribution is invaluable to me! Thank you.  

This blog aims to answer questions around the iOS eco system. Providing insights into the life and career of professional engineers. A resource to prepare for technical interviews, and for best practices and examples for common features.

Writing for my blog will widen your own audience and reach. While my blog is still in its infant period, it's already read by countless engineers, managers and recruiters from Amazon, Apple, Netflix and other big and small name brands.

How to

The blog is very similar to Medium. To save your progress, simply hit Command+S. To start a new article, go to the Admin panel at, log in with the (author) account that has been created for you and click the + icon, next to Posts to start a new draft.


It's important, for all of us, to deliver high quality products. Please look at your article in the same way. Every article, is a product you're releasing to your and our customers.

Something you will leave behind. Read by engineers, managers and recruiters alike.

We want to keep the reader interested. Invested in what we have to say. We want to explain why we chose a design over another.


  • Intro. What are you about to explain and why?
  • Pre-requisites. What is needed to follow the tutorial? For example a Firebase Cloud environment could be needed. Please do not explain how to setup a cloud environment. Just link the references. Concentrate your article solely on your core subject. While providing additional references as needed. We do not want to create another Firebase documentation, but one on top of it.
  • Scope. Provide a high level overview (if applicable), of what you will cover.
    As an example in the context of Push Notifications:
    - Localized notifications for English and Spanish speaking users.
    - Prepare the iOS application to receive notifications.
    - Firebase Cloud Messaging will be used to send Push Notifications.
    - Firebase Cloud Functions will be used to create the payloads.
    - Google Cloud Scheduler will be used to set up daily CRON jobs.
  • Body. Provide detailed explanation for each point of the Scope section
  • Outro. Provide additional reading material or a link to a GitHub project.


I chose Ghost as the underlying technology, as the Markdown text formatting is simply beautiful, easy on the eyes, and perfectly responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop readers, as well as for common adjustments such as the Safari Reader View.

Please follow the following style-guides.

  • H2 for every header. All you need to do, is to enter the name of your header, then highlight it, and select the small H in the dropbox
  • I will provide the image for the article based on the blog's corporate identity. I have a style guide and Figma project to create those.
  • I might adjust the formatting of the article to fit the overall style of the blog as intended. I will not adjust context, only styling.

Code Examples

Enter 3 times the `, followed by the programming language, and enter. That combination will start a code blog.

That blog will not appear formatted while editing the article. Once you press save, you'll see a confirmation on the bottom right corner with a temporary link, that will lead you to the reader view. The code block will be perfectly formatted in that reader view.

By writing an article for, you accept the following basic terms

  • The intellectual property of the article remains yours, the author's.  
    The purpose is to clearly state, that David Seek, LLC advocates the original author of each article.
  • The rights to publish and display the article are fully acquired by David Seek, LLC. David Seek, LLC has the right to publish or remove the article at any time, without prior approval or notice. Those publishing rights are limited to the domain, David Seek, LLC hosts under.
    The purpose is to make sure, in case of future disagreements, that David Seek, LLC remains within the rights to preserve and publish the article, for the sake of the audience.
  • David Seek, LLC has the legal reservation to determine the best time to publish the author's draft of the article.
    The purpose is to make sure, that articles are not published as a competition to original posts by David Seek, LLC.
  • The author has the right to cross-post the article anywhere, any time, and without any notice.
    The purpose is to clearly state, that while the original article was drafted and published for and with David Seek, LLC, the author has the right to cross-post the article on their own blog, Medium or at other 3rd party entities.
  • Edits to the content of the article require prior approval by the author. Edits to the formatting require neither approval nor notice.
    The purpose is to avoid future needs of clarification when articles have been edited to fit the overall corporate identify of David Seek, LLC, including future revisions, while clearly stating, that the context and wording of the article will only be edited upon notice and verbal agreement of the changes.
  • Any potential compensation, claimed by either David Seek, LLC, or the author of the article, has to be legally claimed to drafting an article. Once the draft has been started, any compensation has been mutually accepted.
    The purpose is to avoid future compensation claims based on an articles popularity.

The purpose of the legal notes is to make sure, that we remain in good standing even if we're in disagreement in the future. It's much easier to agree upon a legal strategy in times of peace, than in times of war.

Utilizing fairness, empathy, professionalism and trust.