How to transfer your App from one Xcode Simulator to another

Effortless Xcode Simulator Transfer Guide: Learn the simple steps to seamlessly transfer your app from one Xcode Simulator to another. Perfect for developers looking to test across different devices and iOS versions without losing progress. Enhance your app development workflow with this must-know technique.

How to transfer your App from one Xcode Simulator to another
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Edit: This continues to work for Xcode 10 and 11.
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As I have just struggled with this issue and finally found a solution I’d like to use my medium virginity to share my newly gained knowledge.
The advantage of sharing the app file instead of the code for me was that a new UI designer has joined the team who does not own an iOS device but a MacBook and is therefore able to run Xcode. And sharing the built app file keeps from having to explain git, pods and co.
Now to share the app from your machine to another simply follow the next steps. It worked for me using Xcode 9.4+ and the iPhone X Simulator running iOS 11.4

Find the app file

Build the app with Xcode and run it on the simulator. This is important as the app gets build for the MacBook’s CPU and does not run on the Simulator if taken from a build created for the iTunes market.
Open the macOS Activity Monitor (Command+Space type in Activity Monitor). Find your app (not Xcode, the app) and double click the name.
notion image
Next click on “Open Files and Ports”. You will see a list of folders, find the one that contains
notion image
Copy the link but make sure to stop at the Do not copy the path following it. Control click onto the finder icon and select Go to folder. Paste the path and click enter.

Copy the app file

You will see your file. Copy it to the Desktop and zip it. Move it to your desired 2nd computer and unzip the file. Build a random project to have a simulator open.

Run the app on an external simulator

Lastly: Literally drag and drop the App from your Desktop into your Simulator. You will see the install and the App opens and does not crash.
notion image
I hope it works for you and I hope my story saved you the time it took me to figure it out. Don’t forget to leave some love 🙂.
PS. I admit that my GIF animation looks like it does indeed crash, but id does not. I just had to make the video as short as possible therefore it cuts off right after the App starts.

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